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A common native Hebrew complementary phrase (in Hebrew: Histadarta Me'klum) which is said to a person that had aquired an object in an unordinary and bizzar (but usually not illegal) method (such as an awsome gift, herritage, something found on the pavement, a job...).

Another possible appropriate situation could be when the person had strangely got out of troubles, again in a very bizzar way.

Other somewhat equivalent phrases:
Earned (Hervachta)
Arrranged (short for Arranged from Nothing)
Organized (or Organized from nothing... Same meaning in hebrew)
1. Upon receiving an awsome gift:
a: "Dude, my parents gave me a Porche to my 18th birthday!!"
b: "Wow! Arranged from nothing!"

2. Upon inheriting an item:
a: "Man, my grandparents died and I got the cool Villa downtown!"
b: "No Way... Arranged from nothing!"

3. Upon finding something in the street:
a: "I was walking down the street and I found a DVD player, right there in the middle of nowhere!!!"
b: "Yo, arranged from nothing!"

4. Upon getting out of trouble:
a: "The highway patrol where right on my tail and they suddenly had a flat tire so they never caught me!!"
b: "Heh... Arranged from nothing!"
by Dubi Zubi January 04, 2008
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