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pronounced "duck tape." Contrary to the common belief that duct tape is the "Fabric of the Universe", duck taupe can be and when it is discovered will be applied to everything. Especially fixing broken chairs.
Dude 1:Duuuude, i used duck taupe instead of a condom!
Dude 2: Yea? and how did that go?
Dude 3: I got pregnant! and I am unable to remove it from my shaft.

Duck Taupe will not break or tear except tearing holes through the universe like a black hole. It is better than duct tape because Ian will not have a chair collapse beneath him ever again. Duck taupe is awesome and will save lives.

Why haven't I won the Nobel Prize for scientific discovery? Because Alfred Nobel is dead. Duck Taupe killed him.
by Dubh Glas November 18, 2010
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