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The Briccs is a place in Pittsburgh Pa. The briccs is located on the northside as soon as you cross the bridge. It is a maze and hard to find out where your going. It has its own term of slang such as "Say Dat Den" "Dat Den" "Saucy,meaning swag" "Dunking" meaning to have sex or do better then others. and "Drill-meaning to go to work or put in work. They are getting 2 it and have money even though they have a low profile. One of the smallest hoods ever but its becoming to be known as the briccs and not the allegheny commons.
I heard them Bricc niggas dont fuck around.
Ayo them niggas got briccs.

Aint that Bricc Squad?
I heard them Bricc niggas be drillin.
If you a bricc nigga say dat den...
Some saucy ass niggas in the briccs.
by Dubby DUb February 18, 2013

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