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The term juggalo was coined after Violent J identified the fans as juggalo's from his alter ego the juggla. It is a common misconception by society that a juggalo is a lowlife or a homosexual. Lettes on the other hand are a newer female version of lo's, are really just girls who, just like juggalos, have been mistreated and abused throughout their lives. While many los and lettes have grown to hate mainstream society for misjudging them, there are still very many who have learned to accept the abuse and ignore the skepticism. It has been commonly and poorly informed to much of society that a lo or lette is uneducated and do nothing to back up what they say, some may refrain from fighting, but that is solely due to respect for the laws that have been laid out against violence in public areas. Commonly viewed as members of a gang or occult obsession, los and lettes are simply people that have found one another through music the whole meaning behind family is that they'll accept anyone who accepts them for who they are. los and lettes often have a very high mistrust or the higher class and a severe hatred for Child Molesters, Racists, and those who view themselves as better than everybody else.

juggalo- Whats up bro, haven't seen you here before.

guy- nada, yeah actually i just moved up here from California, hey by the way what's that on your shirt

Juggalo- oh that, thats a hatchetman y'ever heard of ICP?

guy- yeah but i never listened to em before ive heard they sound like shit.

juggalo- some people think that, i don't much give a damn though, hey tell ya what why don't you come with me an ill introduce you to some of my homies

guy- alright sounds cool
by Dub_Scrub June 11, 2010

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