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Those Rough Pimp Homeys who chill it out in a little place I like to call Dub Cee. They can be identified by the way they seem to be 50 times cooler than anyone else. Classic Signs of being from WC include 1. attracting alot of the hot bitches
2. Knowing whats sick and whats not.
3. Showing signs of fonzie.
4. Overall sickness.
5. Being 50 times cooler than you (Unless from WC)
Friend One: "Ohh snap yo, I think that chill pimp over there is from Dub Cee. What you think?"

Friend Two: "Hellz ya bitch, look at the way that fly homey is walking, he seems to be attracting all the ladies. I wish we were that cool"
by DubCeeRider February 23, 2005

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