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Name used to describe someone extremely annoying but not worth wasting foul language on.
That boy is one cock-eyed bastige
by DuT July 31, 2004
A situation, comment or person that is almost too stupid or odd for words.
That transfer truck driving drag queen on C.O.P.s is sooo LAMO
by DuT September 14, 2003
A lesbian who is too amusing for words.


A gay man's good female friend.
I love chatting with my Jill Pickle.
by DuT July 31, 2004
n. being in love with a fictional character.

Often used as a defense mechanism towards true love by those who have lost love or have been hurt by it too often; especially individuals who are artistically astute and/or imaginative and can easily associate themselves with characters from various literary or cinematic works.

Carlos’ amopersona with Jim Stark allowed him to avoid real relationships by constantly comparing potential partners with Dean’s rebellious character.
by DuT December 10, 2005
Unknown plant that smells of spooge when cut. Primarily found in Toccoa, Georgia and the surrounding areas.
Oh look, they just cut that field... Ughh, and it must have been a spooge plant crop!
by DuT July 31, 2004
A homosexual male whose morals are extremely loose, style is extremely bad, mannerisms are extremely queenie, and is considered embarassing by the gay communinty.
Girl, that Lance should never have even tried to pull off that tank top, he's such a grody gay.
by DuT July 31, 2004
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