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1. The act of stopping a male erection dead in its tracks.

2. Any event so shocking it causes a boner to instantly die

3. Used to describe the ugliest of women

"I was so drunk I almost fucked Joknisha last night, but even alcohol couldn't mask the smell of that vag."
"Ahhhh, that shit is the anti-boner"

"I heard horse faced Gina started to grow a mustache."
"That girls smile is the anti-boner."

"The other day I was making out with my girlfriend, and her grandma walked in with her top off... instant anti-boner for life."
by Dtron 3000 October 27, 2008
1. adj. used to describe the shape and texture of ones tits. Almost always used to describe any fat girls cleavage.

2. The extreme sag of the titty area, as if it were made of butter.
"I heard Tessa has straight butter tits."
"Of course she does, she weighs about 403."

"That hooker has the lumpiest butter tits I've ever seen, I could barely get head from her."
by Dtron 3000 October 27, 2008
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