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All natural breasts.
That trollip has a lovely pair of natties.
by DTRAIN March 28, 2005
Your every day general fuck up.
That lop as mother fucker owes me 5 bucks.
by DTRAIN March 28, 2005
The part on the girls ass where it seems to "cup" in then tapers to the back of her thigh.
That girls jorse is so fat it looks like to midgets in a sleepin bag.
by Dtrain January 26, 2004
A technique used to gauge the width of another one's gluteas maximus. By putting the tips of ones thumbs together (palms down) and extending both pinkies one can now determine if the ass they are eyeing can fit between the pinkies.
Travis, check out the ass on that swilly. Buy me a beer... I am going to go administer the pinky test.
by DTRAIN March 28, 2005
Johnson, cock, dick, you get the idea.
I want to part her peddles of paradise with my pink crowbar.
by DTRAIN March 28, 2005
Another name for the woman's ass.
Yo Travis....did she let you put it in her bad place?
by DTRAIN March 28, 2005
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