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D-town is a haven. It's a nice small town that has the comforts of suburban lving as well as the excitement of a real town. The adults like to think that Doylestown, Lahaska, and New Hope make a trifecta of Bucks County poshness. The kids like to think that town and all of its crazy townies make us unique and charming in a way no outsiders could understand. Doylestown is a place where most people have money (but not all by any means) but no one really wants to fess up to it. And if they do, they're probably still in middle school. Doylestown is a place where, yeah, finding pot isn't that hard, but it's also a place where you can find amazingly intellectual people musing on a bench or stoop. It's a place where children (read: middle schoolers) infest the streets till about 10:30 in the summer, and then the high schoolers and grads just chill. Doylestown isn't extreme, it's whatever you make it. It's not a stereotype, it's a place with more opportunities than most lazy suburbs, and you should give it some love.
Just another night in Doylestown, "Hey, gimme a smoke, and let me tell you about the time I got chased by the cops."
by Dtowner May 18, 2006

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