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3 definitions by DsA

When you and your buddy pull up to a crosswalk and this asshole in a brand new white caddy SUV doesnt stop. Then almost smashes the little riceburner in front of it and nearly misses the sidewalk. Then when he pulls away he totally fucks up his brand new rims by hitting the curb!
Feasting over some hoochies, Doug almost pulled a White Caddy back there.
by DSA June 08, 2004
1. a feeling someone has when they are tired beyond all imagine
2. a state someone may be in after exerting a large amount of physical or mental effort
3 hours of sex wore me out. I've had it! I don't want to go anywhere else except to sleep.
by DsA May 23, 2003
God, a 21 sided polyhedron
All hail hebesphenomegacorona!
by DSA August 18, 2003