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1. A chemical or substance that depresses the nervous system. e.g. alcohol.Often addictive.

2. A person who ruins everyone elses fun.

3. A relationship.

4. A member of the opposite sex.
John-"Hey whats wrong with you Timmy?"

Timmy-"I am full of this depressant," Points to a bottle of cheap vodka, "Because I'm still living with this depressant." points to expensive, unloving woman.
by Dry Rubber Chicken July 22, 2010
oral sex

1: The direct result of expensive jewelry, such as a tennis bracelet or engagement ring. May also result from the purchase of the football package or dressing up to look like a female stranger.

2: A man or a woman causing sexual pleasure, preferably to the point of orgasm using primarily their mouth.

3:When married couples only form of sexual intimacy comes in the form of shouting 'Fuck You!' from down a hallway.
Sheila-"Why are we shopping for a new gaming console for your man?"

Tara-"We're not, were shopping for a weeks worth of oral sex."

Jewelry Salesman -"What can we help you with today sir?"
Sir Timothy- "I am looking to buy about a month of oral sex."
Jewelry Salesman - "Excellent, let me get my keys so I can bring out the private selection."

She performed oral sex on me until I ejaculated in her nag hole!

We had oral sex last night for about twenty minutes before my throat got so sore I couldn't scream at him to go fuck himself anymore.
by Dry Rubber Chicken July 23, 2010
An exclamation following a flatulence that most likely contained large amounts of gas and particulate matter under heat and pressure.

A casual phrasing to laud one's expulsion of hot, moist and unsanitary bodily gasses.
After releasing a large, loud and wet volume of air from ones bowels, they may say "....and so the universe began."

See also "FudgeHorn!"
by Dry Rubber Chicken July 21, 2010
1: The effect on a penis from entering an unlubricated vagina. It is an extremely painful abrasion on the head of the penis resulting from a woman insisting that you penetrate her before she has confirm that her snatch isn't dehydrated.
2: The unsightly stain left on ones new white Egyptian cotton sheets after vaginal secretions have soaked in.
Todd or Tadd or something preppy like that-"First she gave me horrible snatch burn cause she was in such a hurry to get it in her, then she dripped on my sheets and left a huge snatch burn"
by Dry Rubber Chicken July 21, 2010
1: A cover story for gay Latino and Asian men to congregate in the middle of no where and bend over in front of each other while presenting a machismo facade to any passers by.
Formerly known as: The Rest Stop Crowd.
2: A group of men who women hang around with so they can ride in overcompensationmobiles without running the risk of having to put out.
1 & 2
She hangs out at with the Car Club so she can ride around in fast cars and occasionally see a cholo give head to a ninja.
by Dry Rubber Chicken July 21, 2010
1.) A tasty flavor of frosting available commercially.
2.) Vaginal flatulence with high moisture or particulate content that occurs during the course of menstruation.
I want yellow cake with strawberry mist frosting!

No man, it happened back when I was still in high school.She squatted over me while I was sleeping and hit me with the strawberry mist. I still can't sleep at night.
by Dry Rubber Chicken August 18, 2010
1: Something women endure for money or semen.
2: Something all women hate and use to abuse men.
3: The part of a man that causes him to put aside solid rational thinking and allow a woman into his life.
4: The #2 root of all evil in the world.
5: Apparently an organ men only use to hurt and abuse women.
Timothy used his penis to abuse his wife on their honeymoon. He later made up for it with years of handing over his paycheck for his mistake.
by Dry Rubber Chicken July 21, 2010
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