3 definitions by Druskeet

The act of taking a dip of Copenhagen then spitting on your dick and using the Copenhagen juice as lube to fuck a girl in the ass
Chris wanted to fuck Darcy in the ass but he didnt have any lube, so he just took a dip and Copenholed the bitch.
by Druskeet November 09, 2007
The act of wearing a condom and having sex with a woman who is on her peirod, then taking the condom off and making her squeez the menstral blood in to her mouth, as if drinking ketchup form a packet.
Ashley was on her rag and was very horny, and the only way paul would fuck her is if she agreed to take a ketchup packet afterwords.
by Druskeet November 09, 2007
The act of voilently skull fucking a woman who has a dip of skoal in her mouth.
Jebediah went to the local hoe down, and he seen his sister take a dip, so he decided he would skoal fuck her.
by Druskeet November 09, 2007

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