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An informal method of workplace relations training. When a junior employee steps out of line or is generally making a fool of himself in the workplace, a more senior employee in a mentoring-type role may engage the young man in an intensive, one-on-one session of Contact Counselling to set him on the right path.

Usually these sessions take place at or after closing time, in secluded surrounds such as the parking lot or behind the locker room. A session is usually quite short, and there is rarely need for a second round of counselling once lessons have been learned from the first.
Frankie: "Yo Johnno, do you know what's up with Bobbie? He called in sick this morning."

Johnno: "He was getting a bit lippy yesterday so I gave him some Contact Counselling in the car park after work. I guess he's still home recovering."

Frankie: "Heh, that should teach the kid some sense."
by Drunky McStumble May 24, 2010

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