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3 definitions by Drunken Scotsman

A rather uncommon insult implying that the target has all the cunning and intelligence of a selection of deli meat betwixt two slices of bread.

Mustard is optional.
Person A: Hey, get that door for me, will you?

Person B: This door?

Person A: No, the other, INVISIBLE door in this room. *exasperated sigh* Damn sandwich head.
by Drunken Scotsman April 19, 2009
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The fine line between "boring" and "annoying" in which something has ceased to be simply tedious and you have started contemplating violent, physical action.
Waiting for the movie to start was so bornoying, I began to wonder how many taser shots I could withstand if I started making a scene.

That TV show started out good but quickly became bornoying when they used the catchphrase 10 times in less than a minute.
by Drunken Scotsman July 11, 2011
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1. n. - an low grade all purpose sauce containing a mixture of ketchup, mustard and a general assortment of seasonings. Generally used for dishes in which the sauce is the only thing that possesses any flavor.
v. - the act of adding muschup to any food stuff.
1. This chicken tastes like wax ... where's the muschup?
2. I had to muschup up yestersday's leftover taco meat.
by Drunken Scotsman January 21, 2010
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