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The steward of Gondor. Son of Ectelion, his two sons are Boromir (deceased) and Faramir. He dies in <i>The Return of the King</i>, when he tries to burn him and his son, Faramir, to death.
You really suck, Denethor. I hate you.
by Drunken Hobbit September 06, 2004
The belief that you will live in ease and harmony by recieving a great amount of money with as little effort as possible.

This belief is most commonly followed by people 20+ who wake up one day and realize/believe that is is too late to go to college and find a job that you enjoy. So they sit around on their ass all day, go to work at the gas station/Burger King, then on the way home in their '81 Ford they pick up like 10 lottery tickets with a day's earnings and go home and yell at their kids and wait till 10 o'clock to check their lotto numbers. Then they lose, blame all of their troubles on some war being fought in some distant country they can't pronounce and go to sleep. Repeat every day until retirement.
If I won the lottery, I'd have everything I ever wanted, and all I'd ever do is sit around and play Xbox and never do anything to contribute to the world around me.
by Drunken Hobbit October 30, 2004
Taking Back Sunday, probably the most wannabe emo band ever. They obviously try way too hard. All of their songs sound exactly the same, and they have been known to lure young kids into buying their albums using methods of mind-control.
The members of Taking Back Sunday are pedophiles, and if you've seen the cover of their latest album, you'd know what I mean.
They also have a really big fanbase of a bunch of loser fake punk rockers who act like everything that happens to them, they should go and turn on a TBS album and cry and cut themselves.
It's wrong.
I hate TBS, they are not emo.
by Drunken Hobbit January 04, 2005

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