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God's sick, twisted idea of a joke.
It's horrible, hard and sticky.

..but I still wish I had one.
Get a life!
What's that?
by Drunken Goddess April 30, 2005
Adv: refering to lesbians
"That book "women of the silk" had lesbionic overtones!"
by Drunken Goddess February 13, 2005
Small, favored snacks that have no nutritional value what so ever and are, in fact, even not made from real fruit.
yay for fruit snacks!
by drunken goddess May 22, 2005
Stands for Your Wings Are Mine
a lovely little fluffy shounen-ai online Manga...that NEVER updates! hinthint.
I was rereading YWAM last night.
Oh, really? Has it finally updated?
by Drunken Goddess April 30, 2005
A small, weak, semi-pretty boy, who is more likey to get raped if he goes to jail then other men.
uh huh, he is SO jail bait.
by Drunken Goddess April 23, 2005
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