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The basic formation of a close group of friends that decided to name their friendship. Arch originates from the Archstone apartments the group of guys used to hang out around. This friendship is more than just hanging out, but more of looking out for eachother. Literally, no man should be left behind. The ArcH Kr3w is NOT a gang and is never intended to be a gang. As said, the ArcH Kr3W is a group of friends that does not start shit but ends shit.

kid 1- "Is that the ArcH Kr3W?"

kid 2- "Oh, the ArcH Kr3W."
by DrunkSmurf [ArcH Krew] December 03, 2006
The original chill spot of the ArcH Kr3W, the Archstone Apartments
"Hey guys, let's go chill at Archstone."
by DrunkSmurf [ArcH Krew] December 03, 2006

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