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2 definitions by Drunk Monkey4305

Morning Star (verb)- is when one man/female take a their tightly puckered star shaped anus and places it on the nose of a sleeping victim.
"Man, you were so drunk last night i gave three morning stars one dry and two wet, ha"
by Drunk Monkey4305 March 23, 2010
Toe Jam (verb)- to deeply disturb an unspecting sleeping or awake victim by spearing them in the anus with your big toe.

Note* When toe jamming against denim extra effort will be needed.
1. "Susan you just need to go over there and toe jam him, he's such a jerk."

2. "Man, last i met girl last night she was so drunk she asked me to toe jam her."
by Drunk Monkey4305 March 23, 2010