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Short for youth. A no good pikee (seepikeys) who spends his time abusing, threatening and trying to look hard. This behaviour is only exhibited when pikeys are in groups of 5 or more, as they lack confidence and physical presence to behave such on their own.

A GRIMEY yout behaves similarly but may in fact have the physical presence, or carry a pocket knife to be considered a threat.
LondonMandem: Some minor yout tried it wen i was walkin to your yard!

Matey:Is it? Did u blaps him?

LondonMandem: i told him to go fuck hisself and bitch-slapped his face.

Grimey yout:
LondonMandem: i jus clocked some grimey youts boppin down past ritzy

Matey: Shit lets duck out
by Drums June 10, 2005

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