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A quaint town in London. Go there with a posh accent and you will be stabbed. Good train station. Horrible shops.
Person 1: Shall I go to Lewisham?
person 2: Sure, just don't wear your top hat/
by DrummerGirl June 06, 2012
Abbreviation for "Titless Assless Wonder"
Commonly applied to girls that one dislikes greatly and also happens to be perfectly stick-shaped.
That girl is such a TAW.
by Drummergirl May 21, 2004
A girl who is particularly obsessed with zombies, it can take many forms, from rigorous weaponry and fitness training in the event of a zombie apocalypse, to a sexual fetish for the undead creatures.
Zombitch: I find the undead sexually arousing.

Average person: Twitard?

Zombitch: No, zombitch.
by DrummerGirl June 06, 2012
short for Polish Sausage.
When said correctly (with a chicago accent) the O in "polish" is dragged out.
"you want a hot dog or a polish?"
by drummergirl December 02, 2004

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