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1. A sport involving rhythmic stepping while simultaneously playing an instrument.
2. A saving grace for those who cannot play any other sport.
3. The only reason some high school students know how football is played.
4. A legitimate reason to use the phrase "this one time at band camp."
5. A sporting event that, when watched, has the capability of giving a band geek chills that come close to orgasmic.
6. Freakin' awesome.
Person: "You know when you're walking with someone and you suddenly realize that you're both walking in time? That is so weird, it's like you're marching!"
Band geek: "You have no idea..."
by Drummer Girl June 10, 2009
1. A gender where there is unoticable definition between male and female. A midsexual individual is characterized by personality and behavioral traits that represent both male and female and his/her/its tendency to be super hilarious.
2. Literaly, being half girl, half boy.
"I think the only trait that defines her as a girl is her period...what a midsexual."
by Drummer Girl June 10, 2009
What you don't need.
Father: "Put your shoes on, we'll be walking on nails."
Child: "Do you want to torture me?"
by Drummer Girl June 10, 2009
Dude: "That is so creepy."
Person: "What's so creepy?"
Dude: "Your mom."
Other Dude: "BURN!!"
by Drummer Girl June 10, 2009

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