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A person of arrogance
Someone who is arrogant
Someone whos computer sucks
"I own at Call Of Duty"
"I am the best COD player ever"
"People who use antivirus are noobs"
by Drukqs July 20, 2004
A person from the south-
-Speaks with a dumb accent like "Hey yall ya wanna go huntin"
-Is dumb and knows not too much
-Lives in the middle of nowhere
-Is rascist
-Lives on a farm
-Smells bad
-Is poor
Shutup you fucking redneck
by Drukqs February 26, 2004
Retard, Dumbass, Shithead Etc. Etc.
You fucking bosie go curse of Melk
by Drukqs February 26, 2004

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