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A city located in N.W. Washington State. It is the largest northern city in the continental United States. If you ever visit this town, or for those who live here, you will no doubt come in contact with many different groups of people. These include: Hippies, Stoners, Drug-Addicts, Homeless People, Senior Citizens, Serial Killers, Canadaians, and on rare occasions, Black People.

A fact about Bellingham that not many people know about is that there have been more serial killers that have lived in Bellingham since 1886 than all the black people who live in Bellingham today.
Some public restrooms in Bellingham still have sign aboves them labeled "White" and "Colored".

Some famous actors and musicians have come from this small city.
Hilary Swank lived in Bellingham and attended Fairhaven Middle School and Sehome High School back in the 70's and 80's. But no one really cares about her.
Bands such as Idiot Pilot, Death Cab For Cutie, Black Eyes & Neckties and No-Fi Soul Rebellion have come from Bellingham. I'm not sure who actually listens to Death Cab.
To be honest with you, i'm not sure how they made it out of being a garage band.

Canadian drives make this town an awful place to be at. Canadians will drive down to Bellingham to go shopping at the world famous Wal*Mart and Bellis Fair Mall. While they are down here, you pretty much have to stay out of their path. They're crazy. Drunk drivers are safer drivers than those people.

I really don't recomend coming to Bellingham. Unless you want to buy really cheap weed.
by DrugieDrew August 23, 2008

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