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17 definitions by Drpun

When someone eats 3 cans of cream corn then takes a diarrhea dump on their partners asshole. After the dump is complete they slurp it back up with a McDonald's milkshake straw
So Robert had his girlfriend share a whiskey river cream corn experience with him last night and it ended badly.
by Drpun May 16, 2009
A prank pulled on someone while they sleep. This prank involves taking a shit on the sleeping subjects head and it runs down like a mudslide.
Mark had fallen asleep at the party with his shoes on. Everyone around knew he was fair game for a Vietnamese Mudslide.
by Drpun May 25, 2009
A term used for a sheep skin condom.
The Middle Eastern man went to the club but he made the fatal mistake of not bringing enough Saudi Arabian Party Hats.
by Drpun May 20, 2009