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term used by african americans to explain how fun an event or place was
Lewis: "Bro tell me you went to that party last nite at sebastians house?"

Jahleel: "Hell yea dat jank was dumb live,freak bitches was all up in that mamathesy,and i copped the domeski a couple times!"
by Drowzy757 November 28, 2010
gettin super head from a freak bitch
Jay: "What you duin Saturday bro bro?"

Evan: "Notin,bout to cop the domeski from that freak bitch Virginia down the street.""
by Drowzy757 November 22, 2010
ultimate disrespect,when a person hits your mom in the face with a closed fist
Chris: "Fuck you Evan,im gonna snitch on you."

Evan: "Shut da hell up Chris,dats why i stole your mom bitch!!"
by Drowzy757 November 22, 2010
word african americans use to decscribe a place or event
sebastian: "Are there gonna be freak bitches at the party?"

Lewis: "YEAAAAAAA,its bout to get crunk up in this mamathesy"
by Drowzy757 November 06, 2010
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