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Extra fleshy meat visibly bulging around the material of a woman's bikini when the wearer exceeds the legal bikini wearing limits. Bikini beef is unavoidable when a woman who is 5 feet tall and weighs 200 pounds wears a bikini.
Get a load of the side of bikini beef over there! That's just plain wrong.
by Drooster January 27, 2007
They type of shit that comes out in bits and pieces rather than in a single bolus. To qualify as a shits n' pieces encounter requires a minimum of five trips to the bathroom in a given day.
That bean salad was great last night but it came out in shits n' pieces all day today.
by Drooster January 15, 2007
Any type of electronic distraction that occurs while you should be paying attention to something. High risk e-stractions occur while driving, and include text mesaging, cell phone usage, and viewing DVD's.
You wouldn't have T-boned that car if it wasn't for your text mesaging e-straction.
by drooster January 26, 2007

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