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Beautiful Brainy Babe. A gal with an IQ of 150+ and 36-26-36 measurements.
Joe: Wow! Dig that dish of deliciousness!!
Al: Forget it. She's a lawyer and has a couple of PhDs.
Joe: She looks familiar.
Al: She should. She's one of that gang of BBBs on Fox News.
by Drooler November 28, 2009
Fox News attracts millions more viewers than CNN and MSNBC COMBINED!, continuing to grow as its competitors decline in viewership. Liberals, who have had a virtual monopoly over ALL the media for many years, are enraged that an essentially ‘fair and balanced’ network has emerged, and they hysterically attack Fox with lies and hate. (See prior Fox News entries here for examples.)

Fox News is comprised of two types of programs, News and Opinion, and clearly distinguishes between them, while its competitors, regularly mix the two, CNN subtly and MSNBC unabashedly.

During the G. W. Bush administration, Fox’s opinion programs regularly opposed many Bush policies. Its news was, properly, unbiased. In the new Obama administration, both Fox’s News and Opinion programs have served viewers well in exposing Acorn and several radical left Obama appointees. Opinion expressers Beck, Strosser and Hannity regularly oppose takeovers, cap-and-trade, ‘stimulus’, and ‘health reform’ as tax-and-spend policies bound to destroy free enterprise and bury the country in massive debt.

The radical left rightly fear talk radio, Fox News, Sarah Palin, and Mike Huckabee because they represent vox populi. Expect the campaign of vilification and hate against them to intensify as unemployment and debt burgeon.

Besides, Fox has a stable of impressively beautiful and brainy female anchors—Megyn Kelley, Kimberley Guilfoyle, etc. etc.!!!!
Al: I watch Fox News to get unbiased news.
Joe: Suuure you do. What’s that bulge in your pants?
by Drooler December 01, 2009

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