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Someone obsessed with all things Star Wars related; a nerd
"Man did you read that new Star Wars book?

"Naw you such a forceseeker"
#star wars #nerd #geek #jedi #force
by Drizztfreak September 26, 2011
A person that walks into an area by rolling their shoulders and walking at the same time, cockily. In addition they look into people’s windows and follows them around staring at them for uncomfortable lengths of time, forcing them to look away.
Man did you notice that vampire in that movie? He was such a swagcreeper!
#swag #creeper #stalker #weirdo #pervert
by Drizztfreak September 25, 2011
A word used in the situation of having a substitute teacher for a long-term substitute teacher.
Cameron: Hey man, we have a sub for our sub! lol

Clarkson: Whoa, subception!
#substitute #teacher #school #sub for a sub #learning
by Drizztfreak December 11, 2011
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