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Big people from Kentucky.
watch reality TV for examples of Kenchunky
by Drizzle my Nizzle September 10, 2009
When you call in sick, but you are not really sick. You are just sick of work!!! It's when you need a day off (badly) to recover, and get yourself ready for the daily grind (again).
Hello Boss? I'm sick. Do I have the Flu bug? No..... I've got the work bug. I've got it really bad- full on hives and sh*t. I'll be back tomorrow.
by drizzle my nizzle January 24, 2010
A Polish kind of sexy
Izabella Dzikonski was looking quite sexski in her mini skirt!
by Drizzle my Nizzle January 20, 2010
When a well-liked co-worker is leaving the office for another job, or is moving out of town- it's when you schedule a last 'happy hour' in their honor. But, it turns out to be a tear fest, and becomes a 'sad' hour, rather than 'happy'- and combined with the tears becomes a 'sappy hour'.
We scheduled a 'sappy hour' in Annie's honor on Friday-her last day of work. Boy are we going to miss her!
by Drizzle my nizzle February 05, 2010
A bit of drunk Riverdancing.
Irish step dance meets booze. Driverdancing is when you can mix booze and a bit of talent.
by Drizzle my nizzle January 15, 2010
Driving while Asian.
Oh look! There is a high end MINI-VAN going 20mph on the 5 freeway. It must be a Drasian!!!
by Drizzle my nizzle January 24, 2010

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