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1 definition by Drinkmeister

Similar to purple drank in that it uses cough syrup; however, this concoction is the result of mixing a quarter of a bottle of nyquil with yellow amp. The flavor is reminiscent of blueberries and lemonade whilst the hue of the resulting drank is green...very green. As if the hulk jerked off a load of green gooey hulk cum into a Styrofoam cup, this drink has the power to spawn new little green drank babies..not really. It'll probably just put you in a coma or get you a little fucked up.
Bill: "Man, is that purple drank?"
Jim: "Hell naw! This shit her' be green drank."
Bill: "Damn, that that hulk cum shit?"
Jim: "Fuck yah!"
Bill: "I heard that shit'll fuck up yo kidneys and stop your heart."
Jim: "..." (Falls to ground)
Bill: "Shit."
by Drinkmeister January 31, 2011