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A person of 'Trailer Park' (U.S) or a 'Council House' (U.K)
usually inbred,like people who come from towns like
'Fleetwood', Or 'Burnley' in 'Lancashire',U.K,
these 'people' tend to have

mom and dad = gramps and sis heritage.
Walmartian Can be found around the' Freeport' vacinity in 'Fleetwood' Lancs U.K.

smelly,shout-not talk
eg. white,fat-unemployed,can afford cigarettes,not food for the kids
stupid,foul mouthed,ignorant,smell of fish-cheese-farts and piss,

unsuccessfull at prostitution,however
stupendously successfull at catching/spreading Venerial
by Drifter1470 February 04, 2012

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