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A shot of espresso with a gram of finely sifted bubble hash stirred in.
Dude, I made some new bubble hash the other day. Grab your medical card and come on over for Hashpresso shots!

Disclaimer: for medical marijuana license holders only
by Drgizmo December 03, 2011
Proof Read Before Posting
Hey guys I got a place need a rpoommatr...
Dude what the hell's a 'rpoommatr'? PRBP knucklehead!
by Drgizmo October 06, 2011
any fart inducing snack item, I.E. deviled or pickled eggs, jalapeno poppers, etc.
Here dude, try these blanket flappers, they're freshly made and delicious, but look out, they're also deadly!
by Drgizmo October 23, 2010
The callous you get from lighting bong hits with a bic lighter, repeatedly. Usually found on the index finger.
I need to change and start lighting bong hits with my thumb, I have a bad case of Bong Finger
by Drgizmo July 21, 2010
generic, or store-brand Cheerios
Dude, I got the munchies, you got anything to eat around here?
How about a big bowl of Cheapios?
by Drgizmo May 23, 2011
Little pieces of hashish.
Dude, let's top that bowl off with some Bakin' Bits! I got some Trainwreck bubble hash that will go well with that Mendocino Silver...
by Drgizmo December 28, 2010
a very small, as to be miniscule bong load.
Dude... load me a real bong hit, not this donkey fart shit!
by Drgizmo September 04, 2010

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