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A metaphorical take out food item to describe the imperative need for the intended person to be put through a drive-thru window.
To deserving party:  *holds up fingers to ear like telephone* "Hello, McDonald's? Yes, I just placed an order and I swear I didn't order a McCunty!!"
by Dreyah June 07, 2011
"Someone's pussy that isn't mine.". Used mostly in chat rooms or message boards to describe another female's sexual anatomy. (Acronym)
That thong only comes in SPIM
by Dreyah June 06, 2011
Drooling over some hot guy named Andrew or Andy
Stop Androoling, it's not attractive!
by Dreyah June 06, 2011
A kid from Boston referring to the 99 restaurant chain
Were going to the nines kid, wanna come?
by Dreyah June 06, 2011

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