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4 definitions by Dreyah

A metaphorical take out food item to describe the imperative need for the intended person to be put through a drive-thru window.
To deserving party:  *holds up fingers to ear like telephone* "Hello, McDonald's? Yes, I just placed an order and I swear I didn't order a McCunty!!"
by Dreyah June 07, 2011
3 -1
"Someone's pussy that isn't mine.". Used mostly in chat rooms or message boards to describe another female's sexual anatomy. (Acronym)
That thong only comes in SPIM
by Dreyah June 06, 2011
1 0
Drooling over some hot guy named Andrew or Andy
Stop Androoling, it's not attractive!
by Dreyah June 06, 2011
1 1
A kid from Boston referring to the 99 restaurant chain
Were going to the nines kid, wanna come?
by Dreyah June 06, 2011
3 6