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Also Bow-chika-wow-wow. The act of getting laid. Also slang for getting laid. This can also be code between two people for getting laid.
"Damn dude dont call me right now Im getting some bow-chika-wow-wow"
"So are you going to get some bowchikawowow this weekend?"
by Drewsthestud December 13, 2006
Having intercourse in a position when the woman is on her side, and the man has his legs on either side of the womans leg that is not in the air.
I scissor crossed that bitch all night and she loved it!
by Drewsthestud December 13, 2006
1. A deformed or disgusting looking,smelling, or tasting vagina.

2. When bowling and you recieve a split of two pins that are not directly to the left or right of eachother.
1. "I didnt fuck that bitch last night, because when she was naked i looked down and she had a frankengina."
2. "Haha, dude you just got a Frankengina!"
by Drewsthestud December 13, 2006
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