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A fool.
Someone who does something stupid, and or idiotic.
The weatherman called for high 70's and now it's snowing. What a delkus.
Don't be a delkus!
by drewbie April 01, 2005
Big Tits; huge knockers, cans, sweater puppets, yabos, twins, etc.
Said loudly by one male to another male, especially in a crowded place (i.e. bar, restaurant, work, mall, etc.), "dude, gib stit 3 o'clock!" rather than saying, "dude, big tits 3 o'clock!" which might warrant a kick in the pills from the one with the gib stit.
by Drewbie November 12, 2003
something that is lame; not good. said with a hard "G", followed by and "iz."
dude, that party was giz.
by Drewbie November 08, 2003
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