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meet•spihn: verb, transitive
(spun: spuhn, spinning, spins)

1. the act of changing a friend’s world wide web browser's home page to the recently popular shock site "meatspin".com, the owner of said computer is most likely inebriated to the point of total incoherence and inability to ward off the toolshed's attempt of degradation; the intent is to surprise the aforementioned drunkard with the “meatspin” website confronting them as he or she sobers up and eventually decides to access the internet

2. the toolshed act of covertly coaxing an innocently unaware person, who is otherwise totally cognizant of all of his or her surroundings, into accessing the shock site "meatspin".com along the toolshed’s side and causing he or she to fall victim to the shockingly obscene website
1. Brad: “Dude, Billy is so schmasty-faced; he’s out for the count!”
Tom: “Let’s meatspin his ass!”

2. Billy: “Hey Jill, come check out the new Facebook layout”
(Billy covertly accesses the meatspin website)
Jill: “Ahhhh, dammit Billy!”
by DrewWick January 22, 2007
A prolonged period of time, usually during a summer break from school, in which a typical hard worker enters a near hibernation state; no work is accomplished and personal enrichment is out of the question. It usually takes the bum several weeks to remove him or herself from the couch and be productive.
Josh: Dude, it's 2 weeks into summer, and I haven't seen Brad once!
Luke: Relax, bro, Brad's in the middle of his chillin' spree.
Josh: Damn, son, I best give him a while to come out of it.
by DrewWick May 22, 2007

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