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3 definitions by DrewBaby

nailing some chick in the ass and then wiping your dick on her blanket when your done, then comming downstairs and scraping resin out of a bowl to smoke, just to get enough energy to go out to the supermarket and buy a few cans of corned beef hash
I dont feel like doing much today, maybe just dino korespachi around for a bit...ya know
by DrewBaby November 18, 2007
a ho with an unusually large gap in between her front teeth, about the size of the average male penis in girth. Most likely caused by being a ho.
Drew: Yeah i'm a firefighter and love them split toofed HOs from the Villas. Kitty Soft!!!
by DrewBaby November 18, 2007
a sexual position so devious, you need drew baby do bring a villas fire hose and put in your splatter master, thus allowing you to make boo boo and he can use that stank to spray where he pleases.

for example; the dog, josh, etc.
me: drew, can you do me a favor?
drewbaby: not the fecal fire hose again...
me: oh yeahhhhhhh
drew: kitty soft
by DrewBaby November 18, 2007