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4 definitions by Drew Pearson

A supercharged erection of the penis, that makes the testes almost disappear, and veins almost burst on the shaft of the penis.
After waking up from an awesome dream I had full blown bone.
by Drew Pearson January 10, 2011
9 2
To eat the pussy like you are a ravenous polar/grizzly bear mix straight from hibernation.
I heard sirens blaring and it was the bitch next door whailing because my homeboy had full on P Grizzin going.
by Drew Pearson January 07, 2011
1 3
The act of leading a chic on, to make her think she's getting the D.
Poonjab Billy talks and sexts hoes making them get wet, and sets up meeting times only to back out because he is a poonjab.
by Drew Pearson January 08, 2011
2 5
Polar and Grizzly Bear Mix
by Drew Pearson January 07, 2011
0 3