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Reaching orgasm in an inordinately short time.
Despite his best efforts, Adam went Mixon after only twenty seconds of thrusting.
by Drew Peacock February 23, 2005
The inability to reach orgasm during coitus.
After consuming several alcoholic beverages, Steve pulled a Mixon while attempting to have intercourse with his girlfriend.
by Drew Peacock February 23, 2005
The most Handsome Guy. NOt a Fag
YOu are a Myunge.
by Drew PEacock November 30, 2013
A massive shit. One huge solid turn resembling a monkey arm.
God damn dude, I gotta go lay a steamy monkey arm.
by Drew Peacock March 30, 2005
A slang word for a dirty or worthless Mexican.
Go back to Mexico you fucking chilli shitter.
by Drew Peacock March 29, 2005
A dirty Mexican or a wetback. A human of latin decent with small mans complex that usually has a sister with a mustach.
Fuck off you taco runner before I bend you in half and put you in the trash.
by Drew Peacock March 30, 2005
Basically a flaming homosexual who has copious amounts of campness for all to see and mock.
Who was that fag ass out last night?
Yeah, steam boat charlie of life!
by Drew Peacock December 15, 2004

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