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A butt wipe that is used when you aren't quite sure what is going on with the area around your anus.

Needed possibly after a fart that may have left some artifacts or just because you don't know what is going on around your jibblies.

Take a curiosity wipe anytime you want to check on the status of your butt.
Ah man.... I just twisted a crunch but i'm not sure if i wiped well...

Might have to take a curiosity wipe to make sure i am ok.
by Drew Needle September 16, 2008
A more than bite sized piece of feces hanging from butt hair or buttocks. Significantly larger than a dingle berry.
"I was showering last night and plucked a dungler that was like a fun sized three musketeers."
by Drew Needle January 17, 2008
Another word for poop or used in place of calling something poop.
The smashing pumpkins really dropped a dugan with their new album; it is terrible.
by Drew Needle August 15, 2011
A complete waste of talent.
My buddy Dave had some much going for him before he pulled a renfro and dropped out of school.
by Drew Needle January 17, 2008
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