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A fan/student/alumni of Auburn University.

Proving that west Alabama is really just a gutter for Georgia, these extremely arrogant and jealous rednecks think cow pastures and dying trees are beautiful. They prefer trailers and large fields over "city" life and hate anything that is ultimately better than them. Winning comes at any cost to these pathetic individuals who have flagrantly abused the NCAA and made it painfully obvious that corruption is rampant. They copy traditions of other schools because nobody has the capacity to actually be creative. The hallmark of this "cow college" (aptly named) is their jealously for the Alabama Crimson Tide. It is what defines them and gives them purpose. However, it is a juxtaposition because without the Tide the Barners would have no reason to exist. Why would anyone pay attention to a farming school in Alabama if they weren't a rival to one of the best college football teams ever?
Barner: Although I live in a trailer and covet everything you have, I'm better than you.

Anyone else: Did you say something? What's that smell? Did you step in cow shit?
by Drew Jones November 29, 2011

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