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The guy who sleeps with a girl after some other guy (usually a mate/friend) puts in the effort chatting her up.
Usually when a group of guys are out together and one spends the night chatting up a girl but when it comes to the crunch she mysteriously ends up getting shagged by one of the other guys in the group. The first guy is the fluff boy..the other is the stunt cock!
#stunt #cock #fluff #chatting #picking up
by Drew Dunstone January 26, 2007
The profession a guy tells a prospective mate or sexual encounter to impress her and endear himslf or get laid particularly if his real job is minimum wage shit...

Fighter Pilot is also suitable stand in!
Female - "so what do you do for a living"
Guy (who is actually a janitor) - "I'm a dolphin trainer"
Female - "AWWWW that is so sweet"
Guy - "Yeah just love those little guys".."wanna come back to my place"

Never fails......
#dolphin #trainer #job #crap job #fighter pilot
by Drew Dunstone May 04, 2007
The guy who has no game and misses out on a shag to the stunt cock. Usually plays the emotionally supportive angle to get in but at the end of the day is average looking at best so can't close the deal.
A fluff boy is the guy who tries and tries all night to nail a chick but has his grass cut by the stunt cock
#stunt #cock #fluff #boy #bloke
by Drew Dunstone February 07, 2007
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