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Anyone who was of age in Atlanta in the mid-90s when this term came around knows it does not necessarily mean drunk. All yall non-southerners just heard the word and got the whole meaning twisted. Crunk comes from 'crank it up! now is crunk! crank it up! Now its crunk!' I was there so you don't know. And it just means to get all the way wild, shake your dreads: to be so unreasonably proud of where your from that you act like a maniac, you're just so excited and you don't know why. Like when you're in your car listening to Sammy Sam the hitman or Raheem the Dream. Or when you're at the club and you just go a lil loose and you're not even thanking about posturing for the opposite sex you just wanna unravel yourself and put the whole thang back together tomorrow.
your boy was so crunk the lady next door called 911.
by Drew Drew Drew September 21, 2007
A human being trapped inside of an enormous ladybug; a rocket.
When I stepped on the ladybug, George W. Bush fell out, then whisked away into planetary orbit. Nas was there.
by Drew Drew Drew September 21, 2007
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