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4 definitions by Drew DH

a policeman, a cop, police officer, a fuzz, law enforcement agent.
Watch where you park... the dogberry's walking around writing tickets.
by Drew DH March 18, 2007
5 5
to kill, destroy or consume in a fast manner.
He was so hungry, he murked the whole pizza.
by Drew DH March 18, 2007
5 20
1: U.S. military terminology: a command instructing a subordinate to stop moving, stop talking.

2: A command meaning "Keep your mouth shut."
At ease, soldier, you're out of line.
by Drew DH March 18, 2007
19 38
to destroy someone's reputation. to sell goods or merchandise at a lower price of a competitor without the competitor's knowledge. to take, steal, or destroy.
Hey man, I heard Danny got your girl.

What dude, that's arson!!
by Drew DH March 18, 2007
12 57