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As early pirates were motivated by pieces of eight, these modern day pirates are dominated by dreams of pieces-o-ass. The ass pirate is so obsessed that what is common sense to the intelligent person escapes them entirely.
The ass pirate had no idea what the triangular sign with the word "YEILD" meant.
by Drew Bryden April 29, 2003
The sole aim of the life of an ass pirate is the acquisition of these valuable, golden nuggets produced only in the nether regions of airline executives.
As the multi-million dollar bail out of the top airlines passed, the halls of Congress were an ass pirate's heaven... ass nuggets were to be had by all.
by Drew Bryden April 29, 2003
See masturbate.
Nothing moved Billy more than a good round of cuffin' the dog.
by Drew Bryden May 11, 2003
See ass nugget.
The ass pirate's skeleton was discovered protecting his plunder of butt nuggets.
by Drew Bryden April 29, 2003

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