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Cover your loved one with sticky edible massage oil.
Girl: I'm going to sticky licky my boyfriend when he gets home.

Friend: Sounds tasty!
by Drew's chew October 17, 2011
A regular party animal who can still get to work the next day and be functional as well! The worker who drinks a lot of alcohol and can still be normal at work the day after a party.
Girl: Still alive after last night's party? You're quite the organised alcoholic.
You: Work hard, play hard!!
by Drew's chew July 30, 2011
A long and difficult journey through a mysterious place called Oddworld which can be played either as Abe or Munch on Playstation or X-box.
Guy: what you doing?
Girl: Playing Munches Oddysee
Guy: What?
Girl: It's a game you can play on Playstation or X-box
Guy: Like Abe's Oddysee?
Girl: Yep
by Drew's Chew October 26, 2011
This shameless person attends morning/afternoon teas at the organisation where they work regardless of whether they know the organiser/recipient or not.
Dave: Hey guys, tea party on level 4!
Jim: Who's is it?
Dave: Who cares?
Jim: You're a tea hag!
Dave: They're the reason why I work here!
by Drew's Chew October 26, 2011
When a couple make love during the women's menstruation period.
Guy: Lets go to bed!
Girl: No, I'm in my Red Zone
Guy: That's ok, it will be messy but fun!
Girl: Sure, I'm up for some messy fun!
by Drew's Chew October 25, 2011
A response you provide when you just don't want to and the other person isn't listening.
Girl: Let's go to Johnny's
Friend: No, I don't want to
Girl: Sure you do, it will be great!
Guy: No, he's a jerk
Girl: You'll love it!
Guy: How 'bout nah!
Girl: Oh, ok.
by Drew's Chew October 25, 2011
The Red Zone Section on a packet of contraceptive pills indicating when menstruation is due to start, this helps couples prepare for a possible drought or messy play.
Guy: What's the problem?
Girl: I'm nearly at the Red Zone on my pills!
Guy: Oh, that time again :s
Girl: Yeah, Red Zone
by Drew's Chew October 25, 2011
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