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Stands for Fat Asian Kid(s) with Bowl Cuts

Comes from the fact that most fat asian kids have bowl cuts. Can be used as singular or plural and does not necessarily refer to a child.

** FAKWBCs are commonly found driving an AUDI S4 or a BMW M3. **
1) Did you see that FAKWBC! Damn, that 10 year old must weigh 200 pounds!

2) Quick kids, look at the FAKWBC driving that BMW M3.
by drew October 22, 2004
Someone who looks good from far away. Looks good from a hundred yards out.
Dude, I saw her the other day. You don't know. She's a pitching wedge.
by Drew May 14, 2004
The act of ejaculating on a girls eyes so that she can't open them because you man welded them shut.
Shutup! Lest I shall manweld your eyes shut!
by Drew October 03, 2003
Apparently, this is shorthand for "quarter-pounds" or 4oz when used in the context of drug dealing.
werd, he started dealing qps and that's when he got busted.
by Drew September 23, 2004
An insult created out of pure stupidity. By our freindly neighborhood Peter Griffin
You are a festeezio! See, I can make up words too!
by Drew March 02, 2004
The eye Kakashi has in the Series "Naruto" its an eye that can focus on taijutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu. Also the Uchiha Clan had it too, but after Itachi killed them all only three people have the Sharigan which is Itachi, Sasuke, and Kakashi.
" Its Sharigan Kakashi. His eye could detect any movement "
by Drew March 21, 2005
Someone who cleans up feminine jizz.
A jizzmopper for the ladies.
front burner "Damn Drew, you are so good in bed I came again!"
me: "I know baby, let da fizzmopper clean it up for you."
by drew October 22, 2004
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