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186 definitions by Drew

A little fat kid taking a shit.
"There's a hogie in the pool!"
by Drew July 18, 2004
1.awesomely jewish
2.better than everyone else

submitted by Drew
Im Jewtastic
by Drew February 27, 2004
a euphemism for vagina
Her cave of wonder looked like a cheeseburger.
by Drew June 20, 2006
to be fabulously luscious. Equivelent to being as hot as a penny on blacktop on a june afternoon.
Damn! Natalie is fabuluscious!
by Drew February 01, 2005
Cheating technique used to screw every damn played in a halo 2 match
"dude the flag jus dissapeared"
"o shit they are standbying"
by Drew March 29, 2005
Cum shavings or sprinkles on a person
That flamer has jinkles!
by Drew March 25, 2005
From the movie the arrival when the aliens legs go in backwards. It is an action to give someone Alien Legs means to kick their legs in.
Hey your better shut the hell up or i'll give you alien legs.
by Drew June 28, 2004