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religions worst nightmare
seriously, the rainbow is gods promise not to drown us all. Isn't that nice of him?
by drew December 24, 2003
A strangely shaped tasty snack which is sometimes considered to be a drug
"Omg, once you pop you really cant fucking stop!"
by drew October 19, 2004
to defecate
hey reggie, i'll be right back...gotta take the browns to the superbowl
by drew November 25, 2003
A woman infatuated and entirely obsessed with the "dark meat."

A dirty, dirty slut.

Anything can be made into a joke about John's mom.
Person1: I like hot dogs.
Person2: In John's mom!

Person1: This sucks!
Person2: Like John's mom.
by Drew January 24, 2005
the worlds best high speed chase solvers, they dont take no crap.
i was worried those pussy cops would never pull him over, then he got onto the military base, that ended it quick.
by drew April 24, 2005
(met.roh.SEK.shoo.ul) n. An urban male with a strong aesthetic sense who spends a great deal of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle.
—metrosexuality n.
You are totaly a Metro Sexual dude!
by Drew April 19, 2004
A synonym for masturbation.
I was so horny i decided to flog the bishop underneath my desk in health class while they gave us the "STD slideshow"! Wow, it turned me on!
by Drew October 03, 2003
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