186 definitions by Drew

Nasty lesbian females who greatly resemble males.
Eileen is a butch
by Drew May 06, 2004
Someone inserting a finger or fingers into your anus
Suck my cock while you finger my arse
by Drew March 27, 2004
1) A hot whore who will fuck anyone but she is one walking STI (dont touch her)
2) Had sex when she was 3 years old
3)Drew kessler sucks
4) I would fuck her even though shes dirty.....so would you
"Nick Johnson fucked makala in da butt, now he is in jail"
by Drew June 05, 2004
A good president and anyone who doesnt like him can suck my ass because you all are communist assholes that are lazy as fuck and want everything to be equal.
President Bush is a good president.
by drew February 16, 2005

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